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Okay, I'm still just getting started with web pages (what can I say? it's pretty far down on the "To Do" list!), but here are some photos I took at a variety of world music concerts in Bloomington, Indiana, all a part of the Lotus series of concerts and festivals.

Annbjorg Lien, Chen Yihan, Mamadou Diabate 4/8/00


Lotus Festival 2000

Edible Lotus 2001

Lotus Blossoms 2001

Lotus Festival 2001

Shooglenifty Aug. 27, 2002

Lotus Festival 2002

(Sorry, there are pictures from 2003–2006, that have been provided to the Lotus office, but they still haven't made their way to my web site yet.)

Lotus Summer Night 2007 — Grupo Fantasma, Kusun Ensemble, Wilders

Lotus Festival 2007

This brilliant series of concerts is organized and sponsored by the Lotus Education & Arts Foundation. Please consider making a contribution!

The Lotus concerts aren't the only musical goings on around B'ton, though. Here are some other musicians I have managed to photograph in their natural habitat--the stage....

Tom Roznowski


Silk Road 2007

La Loup 2007

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