Polyworld Movies



If you think you might wish to view any of these more than once, please consider downloading them to your machine (option-click on Mac, right-click on Windows), rather than streaming them multiple times. Thanks. (They need to download fully to your browser cache before they start to play, so if you try to play them directly from the web site it will take just as long as downloading them anyway—every time!)



Modern Movies


These videos are from the modern incarnation of Polyworld, recorded digitally to hard disk in my lossless but highly compressed (180:1 or so) native format, then converted to QuickTime movies using Apple's Animation codec at the highest quality setting. They are much higher quality than the historical movies below, but only show the main oblique view of the world, and I so far have only converted a few samples.


First up are the built-in primitive behaviors in a toy world constructed solely for the purpose of obtaining these sample movies:



And now a "test"… Watch the agent that is initially purple and on the left in this movie (4.4 MB) and see which three primitive behaviors you can spot, in what order.


Here are some excerpts of three different simulation runs, showing the evolutionary progression over time of different behaviors:



Here are a couple full-length movies of complete simulation runs:




Historical Movies


All of these videos are from the original incarnation of Polyworld, which ran only on a Silicon Graphics workstation. The videos were recorded in a variety of primitive fashions, and are generally of fairly low, but viewable quality. I have (relatively) recently encoded them as QuickTime movies with the modern H.264 codec (which means you may have to update your copy of QuickTime to at least 7.x), so they look about as good as they can given the quality of the original video recordings.


Modern experiments with Polyworld are digitally recorded in a lossless but highly compressed (180:1 or so) format I designed for that purpose and require the PwMoviePlayer app to be viewed (unless I've manually converted them to QuickTime movies, like the short ones above). On the one hand they are drastically better quality than these old video recordings, but on the other they currently only capture the main oblique view of the world. Maybe one day I'll put some newer videos of full-length simulations up, but here are the older, more historical Polyworld videos.


Built-in primitive behaviors in a toy world constructed solely for the purpose of obtaining these sample movies:



A few specific evolved behaviors:



Generic simulator sequences:



Early primitive “species”: