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More details on the Polyworld page, but I am very pleased to say that a modern version of Polyworld, now built atop Qt, a cross-platform development framework from Trolltech, and OpenGL, is available, including open source code, through at  It currently builds and runs on Mac OS X and Linux, and should someday build and run on Windows.  I have also recently published papers on increasing complexity and the evolution of Ideal Free Distributions (of agents to heterogeneous resources) based on Polyworld (details on the Polyworld page).

I was pleased to be a co-organizer for the landmark Artificial Life X conference, held at Indiana University.  I am also proud to be among the researchers engaged in ALife-related work at IU.

On a related note, I've also prepared a list of relatively recent science fiction literature that I am particularly fond of.  It originally was intended just for a few friends, but it may be of interest to others looking for a good read, filled with interesting ideas.

I am pleased to say that since August 2004 I have been a faculty member in Complex Systems Group in the School of Informatics at Indiana University.  I continued working with Apple Computer one day/week for about another year and a half, overlapping my university work, but in February 2006 I finally ended my relationship with Apple, after something like 18 years.  I am now focusing full time on my Artificial Life research and my teaching responsibilities.  I taught one semester of "Introduction to Informatics" (I101), but am mostly concentrating on my "Artificial Life as an approach to Artificial Intelligence" class for grad students and seniors (I400 / I590) and my "Introduction to Programming" class for sophomores (I210), and expect to be doing so for the foreseeable future.  I am enjoying both.

I don't expect to put much time or energy into it, but in order to have a place to write arbitrary prose on any subject and, initially, to document a particular technical problem with certain drive docks, I have created a blog at

If you think rich, complex, multi-harmonic toy piano music might interest you, be sure to check out the page I set up for Phyllis Chen.  Right now this is the only place you can hear this wonderful music.

email: _lsy_(at)_pobox_(dot)_com_  (remove underscores and make the obvious substitutions for "(at)" and "(dot)")